Gift ideas for Mother's Day 🥰

A Made In France gift for mom: it makes sense!

Since the beginning of our adventure, we have focused on local manufacturing with quality materials, also coming from France whenever possible. And it’s entirely possible! We are even managing to gradually increase the share of ultra Frenchie cushions.

You certainly know our best-selling Salvador Charleville and Brocéliande nap cushions: jacquard fabrics woven in France with organic and recycled cotton threads, elegant and mixed. To complete our range with even more ethical and eco-responsible cushions, we are starting the season with 2 new very French fabrics! ISIDOR the car pillow and SALVADOR the nap cushion are adorned with its 2 new ones to complete the range of Organic cushions .

organic cushion made in France

ISIDOR Delft , ISIDOR Nice , SALVADOR Limoges and SALVADOR La Ciotat : they are woven in France with organic GOTS certified cotton, printed using an ecological technique without water, without transfer paper and without chemical pretreatment before printing. Fixative, inks and softener certified non-toxic for nature and humans. Then our pillows are made near Toulouse in our own workshop.

A Mother’s Day gift idea all about comfort!

At the start of the year we switched to a new, even more eco-responsible filling fiber . In fact, we know exactly where it comes from (and yes, in the plastic recycling circuit, many things are unfortunately opaque...). The Plastic Bank network is committed to cleaning up the most polluted rivers and rivers, but its social nature is just as important. When we started using this fiber, we wanted to mark the occasion and we created a very special model: SALVADOR Port-au-Prince . First model filled with our new fiber and with a very marine look with its cotton cord woven in France.

smeres party gift idea

As summer approaches, we also recommend the designs that make SALVADOR the ideal beach cushion : Ajaccio, Biscarosse, Ibiza or Waikiki.

A unique and original gift selection for Mother's Day

Our most popular nomadic cushion is ISIDOR, the ideal car pillow with its ergonomic shape and its attachment system which prevents it from falling while you sleep. Our current favorites are Alexandria , Brest and Athens , so original and feminine!

isidor car pillow

Gift ideas for moms who love adventure!

Hiking fan, addicted to the great outdoors and bivouac, consider the BIVØAK pack which includes an ideal cushion for camping and a waterproof transport bag for sleeping dry even in extreme conditions.

gift idea for moms who love hiking

And to complete your Mother’s Day selection, here are some additional gift ideas!

At Les Petits Cadors we love French brands, that makes sense! And there are many that we appreciate! So here is a little list to give you ideas:

- the awesome deodorants from the Savage Children
- toothpaste for the whole Endro family
- Savons Xavier soap and solid shampoo
- Zeste water bottles to permanently eliminate plastic bottles
- colorful Payote espadrilles
- screen-printed stationery from Papier Tigre