New ⭐ ELLIPSE, the travel cushion 100% made in France

The ideal travel pillow you've been looking for for a long time!

Since the creation of PETITS CADORS, a week has never gone by without someone asking us the question: Do you have a cushion specially adapted for train or plane travel? Lovers of challenges, we quickly put this project in our “To do list”. But it takes time to design a beautiful object that perfectly fulfills its function.
It took more than a year of work to create this little cushion that is both light, stylish, and incredibly soft: we'll tell you more!

Create a comfortable and soft travel cushion

To design ELLIPSE , as usual, we adopted a designer approach. Our priority was to offer a comfortable travel cushion . This may seem simple, but it is a very differentiating point from what can currently be found on the market. As you have all experienced, most lanyards are made with materials that are either rigid or too soft and fluid (for example polystyrene beads). For our part, the solution to achieve this objective was simple: fill our pillow with the soft and light recycled plastic fiber that we use to fill all our nomadic pillows. Sleeping as well on the train, in the bus or on the plane as in your bed, the dream, right 😊?

Sleeping well on a plane or train, a challenge!

There's nothing worse than arriving on vacation with a stiff neck contracted during the trip! With ELLIPSE, we had to find a solution to ensure perfect head support when seated . Unlike ISIDOR the car pillow , we abandoned the idea of ​​finding a seat attachment system for a simple reason: plane or train seats are too different from one company to another and it would be impossible to find an effective universal system. We therefore looked at the problem in reverse: What if maintaining the head and the cushion could be done by another means? After several trials, we chose a soft, skin-friendly cotton jersey headband to create a connection between the cushion and the head. We found the right junction point and the right tension so that the headband holds the cushion in place! The icing on the cake is that the headband can be placed:
- on the eyes to help you fall asleep,
- around your neck if you find that the air conditioning is too strong, which is common on a plane or train and you feel tired
- on the forehead during the trip to watch a film or to transport it

An ergonomic cushion for cervical support

The ergonomic shape of our famous SALVADOR - lounging companion was an excellent starting point which we have specially adjusted to make it the perfect public transport companion. ELLIPSE has been designed for a small footprint, for light transport (only 260 grams) and for good head support when seated, which avoids tension in the neck and stiff necks when waking up. Spinal support without twisted necks during travel is essential for restful, pain-free sleep.

An elegant design for this travel accessory by Petits Cadors

This is an important dimension of the project! Commercial travel cushions and neck straps often have a somewhat crude design and most of the time, they look more like medical neck braces than cushions! This is also why we had a beautiful fabric specially woven by the famous Tissages de Charlieu workshop in Roanne . This fabric, woven in France, is beautifully made, elegant and soft. Its weft is that of jeans, diagonally with fine black and gray stripes, and this has nothing to do with the synthetic materials that are usually found on the market for the classic neckband. Like all our nomadic pillows, this makes it cozy and makes it a great travel accessory.

♻️ 88% recycled materials make up this travel pillow!

Finally, as you know, we do everything possible to produce objects in an eco-responsible approach. It was a new challenge with ELLIPSE. This travel cushion is made from 88% recycled material! The cushion fabric is made of 70% recycled polyester and 30% recycled cotton. Its filling is 100% recycled with Ecolabel filling fiber from the recycling of bottles collected in rivers to preserve the oceans. Like all our other products, ELLIPSE is 100% made in France , in our workshop in Nailloux (31) which gives it a very low carbon footprint! In this collection we offer several models with an organic fabric headband.

In summary, we are very proud of this new nomadic cushion made in France, entirely made in our workshop near Toulouse and which can accompany you on all your trips in the means of transport of your choice: train, plane, coach, car !

You can relax completely. ELLIPSE will not let you go!
So, when are you leaving (again)? 🚆 ✈️ 🚍