creators of Petits Cadors a brand Made in France

Petits Cadors, a story born in the family

“Like many travelers and families, we bought a U-shaped cushion to sleep in the car but... no one slept with this accessory. So, we had the idea of ​​creating a real car pillow with a fastening system to hold it in place. At home, we made the first prototype which we used ourselves, then imagined other shapes of pillows for different nomadic uses.
The concept approved: the Petits Cadors brand was born! »
_ Muriel & Laurent

With each new collection, our products are even more Frenchy!
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Patent filing

Isidor has been the subject of a patent application at the National Institute of Industrial Property, because its system for attaching it to the vehicle's headrest, as simple as it is, does not yet exist. Sometimes it's simple ideas that revolutionize practices and make the object efficient.

Winners of the show “My invention is worth gold”

In July 2019 Isidor the car pillow seduced the M6 ​​experts: Jérôme Bonaldi, Erika Delattre and Emmanuelle Rivassoux. Then the Cdiscount brand names the Petits Cadors winners of this show dedicated to inventions. It’s a great reward and a big boost for the brand!

Our motivation? Create and offer you original objects with a unique design!

Sleep, a current problem

All over the world, we are becoming aware that a lack of sleep or poor quality sleep has real consequences! Thus the American professor of neuroscience Matthew Walker does not hesitate to sound the alarm: “in industrialized nations, the impact of the destruction of sleep is proving to be a catastrophe for our health, our life expectancy, our security, our productivity and the education of our children.”

And he adds “this silent epidemic represents the greatest public health challenge we face as developed nations in the 21st century.”

Sleeping and resting are human needs just like breathing, drinking or eating. It is therefore urgent to give them back the place they deserve and to be able to satisfy them as much as possible in our daily lives. It is with this perspective that we design our nomadic pillows!
Oriented towards well-being, we believe that it is essential to combine business with pleasure!

The nomadic pillow

Petits Cadors is currently working on different prototypes of nomadic pillows, which meet our requirements in terms of design and quality. We now know how quality sleep, or a nap, has a positive effect on the body, mind and health.

Our brand offers designer and clever accessories that will allow you to take care of yourself wherever you are. We always favor recycled and OEKO-TEX, ORGANIC, GOTS certified materials.