An award-winning innovation

ISIDOR, the first cushion created by the brand, received a gold medal at the Lépine competition in the transport category for its inventive character and the comfort it provides.
This cushion was also recognized in the M6 ​​show “My invention is worth gold” and won the grand final!
It provides a new and practical solution for all travelers who travel by car and who want to sleep comfortably without stiff necks.

For young and old

ISIDOR slips between the face and the passenger compartment of the vehicle. It can therefore be used by children who no longer need their car seat back (from 8/10 years old) and who have difficulty finding a comfortable position to sleep during car journeys.
It can be used either on the front or rear seat equipped with visible headrest bars to fix it with one click.

Responsible design

100% made in France in our own workshop near Toulouse, its carbon footprint is very low.
Filled with a fiber from recycled plastic collected in waterways, it contains the equivalent of 7 plastic bottles.
Like all the brand's cushions, it is labeled Origine France Garantie and many of its components are sourced or manufactured in France.

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