Helps relieve tension

The SALVADOR cushion is a real accessory for well-being and daily comfort. It helps to relieve cervical pain with softness. It provides flexible support for the head which allows you to remain free of movement to read, chat, watch television, etc.

Care and washing

Don't be afraid to take SALVADOR to the garden or to the beach, it is very easy to wash! Simply put it in the machine at 30°, it will come out intact because the interior fiber does not clump. All you have to do is reshape the fabric and let it air dry for a few hours. Here we go again for long hours of relaxation 😊

All-terrain use

Are you looking for a small extra cushion that will accompany you in all everyday moments? SALVADOR is the ideal companion! Inside, it supports your head for a nap in the office or at home, to watch TV, but it is also an ideal reading cushion. Take it outside to relax in the garden, at the beach or to nap under the trees on a picnic.

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