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Made In France is not just a label!

Made In France: obvious... not so obvious

We launched the Petits Cadors brand in November 2018. For us, it was unthinkable that this business creation would not take into account the environmental issues that we must urgently face today.

sunset next to the clothing workshop

It was therefore obvious that we had to produce as locally as possible and integrate as many eco-responsible behaviors as possible into our manufacturing process. We were surprised, at the start of our adventure, by the number of people who tried to dissuade us from manufacturing in France and from having everything manufactured in China. It was as if there was no other alternative, like an inevitability!

Village Nailloux (31) Strong in our convictions, and admiring brands which, like ours, have chosen Made in France ( 1083 , Bleu de Chaude , Archiduchesse , Hopaal , Le slip Français , Le t-shirt proper , etc...), we held on and are very proud of it!

An ultra-short manufacturing circuit

We have created our own manufacturing workshop in Nailloux (31), a beautiful village in Lauragais located 20 minutes from Toulouse. We have invested in a large eco-responsible building of 300 m², equipped with a wood boiler, good thermal inertia (no air conditioning), a wind turbine and whose roof is covered with photovoltaic panels.

It is in this place that we carry out the complete manufacturing of our nomadic cushions . We carry out the following steps:

• Quilting and cutting the fabric
• Confection
• Filling
• Cushion closure
• Shaping and installation of accessories and packaging
• Order preparation and shipping

When your cushion leaves our workshop, it will have traveled a distance of... 0 kilometers during its manufacture! This is definitely less than your Jean (which travels on average 60,000 kilometers, or 1 and a half times around the earth! unless it is brand 1083 ) and most of the objects you use daily like your phone , your coffee machine or your washing machine.

Sabrina - Seamstress

Séverine - Seamstress

Electronic scale for filling

Cushion weighing


Double needle machine

SALVADOR Limoges cushion trolley


A Petits Cadors product is therefore a product 100% made in France!

And beyond the ecological impact, we are also proud to help create activity in our territory. It is a great pleasure for us to build real relationships with our raw material suppliers, to discover their profession and learn with them . We also realize that this relationship would be completely impossible with interlocutors located on the other side of the planet. Proximity allows for a lively and enriching exchange for both parties.

Brand label icing - Petits Cadors

So, when you buy a Petits Cadors product, you are choosing a product made 100% in France and at the same time you are contributing to the creation of jobs and the rebirth of a textile industry in France .

Search on the cutting table

Many brands cheat with the “Made in France” label, the legislation on this issue being much too lax, so we wanted to explain our process to you in detail to guarantee you this label!
Moreover, our entire range of cushions is Origine France Garantie certified, which guarantees you that what we tell you is true.

The adventure continues and we try every day to optimize our way of manufacturing to further reduce our carbon footprint and create local activity.

Sewing machine with these marks


Unfilled cushions

Expeditions - Marion