Salvador VS Teodor

What are the differences between our Salvador and Téodor pillows?

Many of you have asked us what the difference is between these two pillows. In fact, they are twin brothers! There are a lot of similarities between the two but they each have their own little personality!


Both are small pillows that allow you to take a nap, read a book, relax for a while comfortably seated.
They are both the same size, they have the same shape, the padding is identical: both are filled with fiber from recycled plastic bottles. They are both machine washable at 30 degrees. This is why many of you have difficulty seeing what makes them different!

Their differences

The Téodor collection, which was launched in the fall, is our brand's most eco-responsible collection . The fabrics we chose were designed in a textile design studio in Nantes and then woven near Lyon . However, it is not easy these days to find fabric that is still woven in our country. Teodor's fabrics contain largely organic and recycled yarns . This is jacquard fabric , which means that the patterns are not printed, they are directly created at the time of weaving, the patterns are not printed. It is a beautiful quality of fabric, often used in furnishings. This is why they have an “indoor” cushion look.
Teodor interior cushion made in France
The Salvador collection is a summer collection . The patterns are fresher, colorful, with pop or marine motifs. The fabrics used are doubled cottons . Salvador is therefore much more resistant to numerous washes , which makes it the ideal summer companion: by the pool, in the garden, on the sand, in a hammock, etc. It is a little firmer than Teodor to provide more comfort and support when used lying directly in the grass or on the sand.
Salvador outdoor cushion made in France

In summary :

You can therefore choose a Salvador or a Téodor depending on the use you are going to make of them, or simply according to their look!