MARCH - Our monthly donation for an association

Our action in favor of hospital staff

We continue our monthly commitment to donate to an association. Breaking the rule, our support which normally goes to associations which work in favor of the environment, for this rather special month of March, we have chosen the association Les P'tits Doudous .

Created by Nolwenn Febvre, nurse anesthetist, it is today a network of 75 associations established in numerous university hospitals, hospitals and clinics in France. Their ambition is to develop care practices in hospitals by listening to the needs of patients by caregivers and to improve the living conditions of caregivers.

the little comforters nursing staff

In this trying and intense moment for hospital staff, Les P'tits Doudous is mobilizing to improve the working conditions of caregivers as best as possible. We love their commitment and their approach. We donated part of our March profits to their Ulule campaign website.

the little cuddly toys

Do not hesitate to go to their site to find out more and thank them for their actions! 🙏