ISIDOR in the magiclist!

MagicMaman talks about our ISIDOR car pillow!

MagicMaman selected the ISIDOR Lima model in its March/April shopping list. Through ideas for kids like the Pretty organic cotton panties or the Bonton "Save the bees" T-shirt, the colorful Petits Cadors llamas in GOTS certified organic jersey are proud to have been chosen!


ISIDOR for kids?

From what age can children use ISIDOR?

The child can be installed in a group 3 car seat, provided that it is used without a backrest, so we recommend a minimum height of 125 cm which corresponds to approximately 8 years. So your child or teenager will be able to rest their head on it and be comfortably seated.

What about security?

As for adults, the use of ISIDOR does not interfere with the seat belt in any way! It sits at shoulder level, where the belt is in contact with our body.

Our ISIDOR selection for kids

ISIDOR Minshan
Cute little pandas on a royal blue background in soft jersey as soft and fresh as a t-shirt

ISIDOR Silicon Valley
For ultra-connected teens who can't get off their phone 😜

A GOTS certified organic cotton jersey with a llama pattern that appeals to both young and old!

ISIDOR Sherwood
A soft cotton with a pattern of little foxes straight out of Robin Hood's forest!

ISIDOR the travel comforter

We choose prints that appeal to both big kids and adults, and it's not uncommon for this travel pillow to be shared by the whole family. You can wash ISIDOR in the machine at 30° or only wash its cover. Equipped with a carabiner, don't be surprised if your children carry ISIDOR everywhere! It can hang on the backpack or suitcase. Happy vacation 😘