Our selection for Grandfathers’ Day

On October 4 we will celebrate grandfathers, if you are lacking ideas, you are in the right place!

My dear grandpa

The one with whom I spent my summer vacation gardening, hammering in my first nails, walking in the forest, tinkering with wooden constructions, picking mushrooms, feeding the chickens, fishing, collecting grapes, learning to ride a bike, observing all your tools neatly arranged at the workbench, your colorful charentaises, seeing the cigarillo burning in the brown ashtray, combing your soft white hair and laughing in front of a Louis de Funès so good installed on the sofa 😊

For those who in turn want to offer a little sweetness to their grandpas, here is a small selection of colors for the occasion!

selection of nap cushion for Grandfather's Day

Salvador is the small ergonomic cushion ideal for napping, reading a book or watching TV. The Tokyo model is brand new, with a soft and relaxing cherry blossom pattern. Plymouth with its small boats on a navy blue background is one of our bestsellers. There is also the Téodor collection, the most Frenchy in our range , it is a nap pillow that is both chic and eco-responsible: woven in France with organic and recycled yarns, it is a purchase that is both responsible and of high quality, the Charleville model is a sure value!

Here are our 3 little favorites of the moment to give a gift to men, but you will find others among the Téodor and Salvador models, the hardest part remains to choose. And “YES” choose the one you like, because you can steal it after coffee on Sunday afternoon 😇