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ISIDOR fait sa révolution ! Notre cheminement vers une baisse de prix.

ISIDOR is making its revolution! Our journey to lower prices.

"Why make it complicated when it can be simple ?"

At Petits Cadors, we are not afraid to question things and we embrace change happily!

The other day, an idea came to us: to make the ISIDOR car cushion directly from a pretty, soft patterned fabric. In other words, merge the cushion and its cover. Neither one nor two, prototyping in the workshop, testing, verdict... But why didn't we think of it sooner? It’s an earthquake for us, a revolution! A crazy idea a few weeks before Christmas! Why so much enthusiasm? I explain to you.

Since the beginning of this adventure we have been trying to lower the costs of this unique product, but at the same time we are also increasing the quality. And it's possible! But for this we need to find good solutions. We want to offer the best quality/price ratio.

So why make it complicated when you can make it simple?

This new manufacturing process has no impact on maintenance: ISIDOR has always been machine-washed at 30°C. Like all our nomadic pillows. It can therefore be beautiful, soft, practical, hygienic... and also cost less for the user! So we're not going to do without it!

From now on the ISIDOR car pillow will cost only €39! 😻

This is our revolution, being able to apply a significant price reduction with this new manufacturing method!

Many of you buy several items to satisfy your whole tribe, which is why it seemed essential to us to make this product even more accessible for as many people as possible. Making you happy is not a goal that we leave at the bottom of our list of goals!

promotion on ISIDOR the Petits Cadors car pillow

The brand's commitment remains unchanged

In terms of environmental and societal commitment, no decline in sight! We have decided to reflect this change in our price rather than our margin. And you always have the assurance of buying a product entirely made in France, made in the south of France by great teams! You employ around ten French companies who participate in the development of our products (fiber, webbing, labels, etc.) and we thank you!

Brand objectives achieved by taking your nose out of the woodwork

It's not always easy when we deploy a family brand, which lives in us from morning to evening, to take a break to think (between math homework, ordering fabric, the child with a cold, responding to quotes, helping with coloring, updating the site, the carrots that are burning). As Christmas approaches, we are in the process of stockpiling to respond to your numerous orders, to release our new models which we can't wait to show you. And making these changes today is not easy. But we really wanted to let you benefit from this new price now and not pull it out of the hat after the holiday frenzy. We wouldn't have found that fair to you! You can therefore make your end-of-year purchases peacefully on our site or in the pretty boutiques of our resellers who will pass on this price very soon.

Petits Cadors discounts

In recent days you have noticed that all patterned car pillows have already gone to €39 . While stocks last, you will receive the model with a cover, then we will definitely move on to the new generation ISIDOR! To take advantage of the current offer, you don't need a promo code, the discount is automatically applied to your basket.

For covers aficionados, don't panic, we keep a few in stock, but I assure you, the new generation ISIDOR will seduce you with its obviousness and ease of use.

Our products are always in limited series so always the same, don't wait too long if you like a color because unfortunately we may not have a restock on it. We have put online 2 new models in ORGANIC cotton: ISIDOR Colorado and Yellowstone . I hope you like them!

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