France Bleu Occitanie: Petits Cadors in the “New eco” file

We thank Marius Delaunay who talks about Les Petits Cadors in the file “ The new eco: how the coronavirus is disrupting the economy ”. Indeed, for many this event marks a shift in the way we consume, and more and more of you are paying attention to the products you buy. Promoting a local, caring and eco-responsible economy is close to your heart, and that's good, these have been our values ​​since the beginning of this adventure!

The new eco: ergonomic Toulouse cushions suitable for all situations

The Toulouse start-up Les Petits Cadors manufactures ergonomic cushions suitable for car journeys, on a hammock or even on a chair. Made near Toulouse in Nailloux, more than 10,000 pillows of this style have already been sold.

The concept came from everyday life experience. From a simple car trip where Laurent Padiou, the founder of the brand with his wife Muriel, buys a pillow for his children. “ A simple U-shaped pillow like you find in all motorway rest areas ”, not suitable for getting to sleep according to Laurent. They then came up with the idea of ​​making their own pillows specially designed for journeys in the back seat or even in the co-pilot's seat. The Isidor pillow, the darling of the Les Petits Cadors brand, was born.

Pillows of all kinds

The Les Petits Cadors brand was launched almost two years ago, and the first Isidor models were sold in December 2018. A year and a half later, more than 10,000 pillows have been sold. Designed for car journeys, but also for naps on the hammock, on a chair and even a pillow designed for two... The Isidor pillow even won the gold medal at the 2019 Lépine Competition .

All the models are intended to be eco-responsible, made in France and as close as possible to Toulouse, where the two creators live. There is therefore a workshop located in Nailloux, while working with a fabric making workshop based in Pau and a supplier of recycled fibers based in L'Isle-Jourdain in the Gers. Les Petits Cadors now employs three people to manufacture their models.

Increasing activity

The pillows are sold between 29 and 49 euros depending on the model. And since the end of lockdown, Laurent Padiou has noticed a notable increase in sales, particularly for the brand's flagship product, the Isidor pillow. " A pillow that is particularly popular this summer for going on vacation by car ."

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