Our little gift ideas for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is coming!
Are you looking for an original idea?
You are in the right place !

A gift with meaning

At Petits Cadors, quality is important to us, but what motivates us even more is to work while reducing our impact on the planet as much as possible. We work in a short circuit , respecting the planet and the people who work with us.

A gift Made In France

We use certified fabrics as much as possible (oeko-tex, Organic, Gots) and recycled materials as much as possible to limit the use of new resources. Does all this mean something to you?

By purchasing a Petits Cadors pillow you are making an eco-responsible and reasoned purchase, you are supporting several French companies

Z, the tandem pillow

It's THE perfect gift for Valentine's Day ! Specially designed for 2 people, it is Zig-zag shaped, hence its little name.

Looking at the clouds lying in the grass, by the fireplace on a soft carpet, Z is the ideal companion for lovers.

ISIDOR, the car pillow

Our bestseller is ISIDOR, the car pillow which won a gold medal at the Lépine competition 3 months ago in Montpellier.

It can be used in the front or back of the car and will allow your other half to sleep peacefully and wake up in great shape, without any unfortunate neck strain that would spoil your little weekend!

Be careful, as a family, everyone risks tearing it apart 😆

Among the new products, Lima and its colorful and bucolic llama pattern. For a gift idea for men, lean towards Berlin, an elegant car pillow with a geometric pattern. Its navy blue easily matches all car interiors. Finally, Toulouse and its soft pink will please with its incomparable softness!

TEODOR for flash naps!

I said flash naps ! Because beyond 20 minutes of nap, the benefits diminish and you risk waking up feeling sluggish 😆

Téodor is a clever little pillow that quickly becomes the cuddly toy you take everywhere! For a micro nap at the office , for some rest time on the couch, or simply to watch your favorite series or read a book, we can't do without it!

I'm even going to tell you a secret, I know that like me, many of you have adopted it into your bed for guaranteed sweet dreams!

If you are unsure, if you have any questions to ask us to make sure you are not mistaken, do not hesitate to contact us !