Tested and approved by Bleu Blanc Rousse 😍

Bleu Blanc Rousse do you know?

A lover of Made In France

She likes to discover and test French products, then shares “her pride” as she calls them on her blog. It is by traveling across France on foot, by bike, by train, by car, that she likes to discover local know-how.

She carefully chooses the products so she will speak to introduce them to her community. His blog is a gold mine for all those who are sensitive to French design and manufacturing.

"Why highlight French designed and manufactured products? To encourage people to “buy French”, and thus preserve jobs, support the national and local economy, find or rediscover quality, minimize the impact on environment, respect social standards…
All of this contributes to the sustainability and development of French businesses, as well as to the protection of our territories and the strengthening of their attractiveness. "
We love Bleu Blanc Rousse's Made In France pride map on which you will see all of its favorite products positioned. Enough to spend a few hours discovering the treasures that are located near us!

Our TEODOR nap pillow won over Bleu Blanc Rousse!

It is with great joy that we discovered this month his article on our nap pillow 🤗 So to celebrate we decided together to organize a little competition to win a TEODOR pillow , the same model as the one that Bleu Blanc Rousse offered itself a Nantes model. It's a beautiful plant pattern jacquard fabric, and guess what? Woven in France of course 😊

Go to his BLEU BLANC ROUSSE FACEBOOK page or his INSTAGRAM page to try your luck. And of course I strongly encourage you to subscribe to her newsletter via her blog to discover with her lots of beautiful things designed and made in an eco-responsible way.

To finish a little sentence from Bleu Blanc Rousse which made me smile:

It has been shown that naps have many benefits, including a boost in energy and good mood. I don’t understand why it is only obligatory in kindergarten!

Bleu Blanc Rousse has validated Teodor the nap pillow

Photos: Sophie Fournis, thank you!