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Nos aménagements en cette période de confinement

Our arrangements during this period of confinement

Is it possible to place an order at this time?

Yes, you can order on our site. During this period that we are going through, you now have the possibility to choose from 2 delivery methods at the time of payment. This allows you to choose deferred shipping while immediately taking advantage of current offers.

- delivery AFTER confinement
- delivery DURING confinement

How is order shipping going at the moment?

For those who wish to receive their product now, shipments are made twice a week, we take the greatest care with processed orders during their preparation to minimize contact and travel. Our production is at a standstill for the moment and the pillows which are going to your home today are part of our stock previously prepared and carefully packaged before the start of confinement . Only one of us goes to the workshop near our house, to put them in boxes and drop them off a few meters away at the post office. We therefore take no risks in these steps.

We decided to continue because in this difficult period, it seems to us that a little comfort and rest does the greatest good for everyone's body and morale... Of course, it is our nap pillows that are needed. honor at this time, and we ourselves greatly enjoy their company. We have set up a -25% offer on these items because they are a little companion of choice to bring us comfort at the moment. SALVADOR lounge pillows are also 20% off. We are maintaining these offers until the end of confinement. An opportunity to please you and for us to be able to continue our activity.

With gift cards, your loved ones can order whenever they want

During this period of isolation, we have implemented gift cards on the site. This will allow each of you to offer a little sweetness to those who are far away and whom you love. A way to wish a happy birthday, to say "I love you", "I'm thinking of you", right away, without having to wait for the end of confinement. Offering a gift card rather than having an item shipped makes perfect sense right now. You respect your loved ones and their decisions. They will choose their gift themselves when they want to have it delivered: immediately or after confinement.

  • gift cards are valid for 1 year on the entire site
  • your loved ones choose the nomadic pillow model that makes them happy
  • the gift card credit can be used in one or more installments
  • your loved ones order when they want and choose their delivery location

You will find these gift cards in the menu in the same way as the other items. They are sent to your loved ones by email and contain a unique number which will assign them the amount you choose.

thanks for your support

It's a difficult time for many of us, and small French businesses need support. Your orders on our site help us get through this period and stay the course despite the costs incurred in preparing the spring summer collection that we were very impatient to present to you.

Like many of you, to help in our turn, we prioritize small producers and businesses in our village. Every month we support an association that acts in favor of the environment, but this month, we choose to support caregivers, caregivers and hospitals. We will donate part of our profits to the association Les P'tits Doudous , we invite you to discover their actions now. We will tell you more about them in an article.

And then ?

Currently, we are offering a -25% offer on TEODOR nap pillows and -20% on SALVADOR lounging companions so that they accompany you gently. We are also putting in the e-shop the new ISIDOR car pillows that we already received at the beginning of March. The spring/summer collection composed of pretty jersey covers will accompany you during the gentle restart, the little weekends carefully planned to wake up from this long sleep.

In the meantime, take care of yourself and your loved ones, we share beautiful thoughts with you. 😘 ❤️

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