COVID 19 - Creative break

Preserve our team and our partners

Following the confinement instructions and like many companies, we have decided to pause our activity . It seems to us that it is responsible to protect our team and our subcontractor partners to preserve their health and that of their loved ones.

A space of creativity for us

However, this pause period does not mean that we are doing nothing. This is an opportunity for us to dedicate ourselves 100% to research and development. Something that is sometimes difficult to agree on when you have to closely monitor production.

This unique and somewhat unusual space-time is conducive to wandering and experimentation. Let’s take advantage of it! So for the past few days, we've been thinking, we're drawing, we're cutting, we're sewing, we're testing (a little rest never hurts!). And little by little, prototypes are emerging for new pillows that we will have the pleasure of offering you in a few months.

For us, this period rhymes with creation and experimentation to give birth to new original and ultra-comfortable models! Two pillows for new uses are nearing completion. 2 models that you asked us for a lot! Quiet ! We can't tell you more, we have a surprise in store for you!

We think about you

Stay home, take care of your families and take advantage of this time to be inventive. May the arrival of spring be as inspiring to you as nature is budding ;-) At our place it's the opportunity to enjoy the garden with Teodor !

spring and covid -19 confinement