Isidor awarded a gold medal!


How did we end up in the Lépine competition?

The inventions of the Lépine competition

The Lépine competition was a partner of “My invention is worth gold” on M6, our invention Isidor the car pillow was therefore known to this Association of French Inventors and Manufacturers, which prizes inventions from the most eccentric to the most innovative.

The lawn mower, the BIC pen, the steam iron, etc. all these inventions went through this prestigious competition and received prizes.

Hello, this is the President...

It was the President of the Competition who contacted us to invite us to participate! What an honor! But there you have it, the Mediterranean competition takes place during the Montpellier fair for 11 days. Period when we were due to receive our new collection.

After various discussions and in view of the production schedule we agreed to participate in this crazy adventure!

Live in an international fair for 11 days…

…it’s living in shared accommodation!

It's a slightly strange atmosphere, a place where it is possible to live night and day! Everything is for sale!

From bedding, to sofas, kitchens, vacuum cleaners, mixers of all kinds, toilet brushes, a swimming pool truck, a pain relief bracelet, a good mojito at the Brazilian stand, balloon seats , sports platforms, the manicure, the telephone repairman, the good Italian coffee, the Asian stand, the vegetarian stand, cold meats, barbecues, pots, vegetable peelers, a funfair, jewelry, a shoemaker, etc.

It's a kind of large 11-day shared accommodation where everyone is recognizable thanks to their exhibitor badge, a key to preferential rates and peace of mind when wandering the aisles for a break.


In the morning we fold our tarpaulins together as if we were folding laundry together, we drink our little coffee (or 2 or 3), at lunchtime we give each other good places to eat, in the evening we meet up for a drink. We have great encounters, some incongruous encounters too.

We talk a lot to visitors all day long to explain our products, and there's something to talk about! We meet great people. Young people are concerned about the environment and the future of our planet, it warms the heart to see how many feel concerned about responsible consumption.

The competition

The closing ceremony

It was during the official awards ceremony that we received with great joy a gold medal for our invention “ ISIDOR the car pillow ”!

A prestigious recognition for ISIDOR which confirms its quality, its practicality and its commercial potential.