Grazia: 50 Christmas gifts made in France

Running out of Christmas gift ideas?

Visit Grazia to discover their “Consumer local” selection with 50 Made In France gift ideas . And guess who made it into this special selection? Isidor our car pillow made entirely in France!

Isidor rubs shoulders with our favorite brands in this selection!

Of course at Petits Cadors, we have been following beautiful brands that have a local production approach for a long time, and we take pleasure in purchasing these products that are not only (so) beautiful, but of high standards and quality.

What a surprise to see our Central Park Pillow next to Slip Francais , Papier Tigre (we can no longer count the notebooks and other items from their e-shop at home!) or even the beautiful Bleu de Chauffe bags!!! 😲🤩

Consume Made In France

It means once again supporting French industry and bringing local know-how back to life. It means limiting the carbon footprint and returning to production on a human AND human scale !

More and more of you are paying attention to what you consume, and we too enjoy discovering new brands that work intelligently.