The big jump !

Investing in our first professional sewing machine

We are very happy and proud to be the new owners of a professional sewing machine! After several days of reflection, we finally took the plunge.

We have decided to manage part of the manufacturing of our portable pillows internally: the filling and the closure.

To do this, we needed a professional sewing machine. To avoid making any mistakes, we followed the advice of the Léopoldine manufacturing workshop which makes our pillows, before filling. So we opted for a superb dual drive machine!

For us, this machine means the start of “another” adventure :-)

Why did we choose to integrate this part of manufacturing?

For two main reasons:
1/ Being able to be sure of the quality finish of our pillows at the most critical moment, that of filling and closing. Thus, we perfectly control the quantity of fiber for each product and we can ensure the cleanliness of the closing seam.
2/ Be able to better manage our product manufacturing flows and our stocks

But this new acquisition also has a high symbolic value for us! It means that it is possible to create jobs in the textile sector today in France. At Petits Cadors, we are convinced, like many other brands, that it is possible to manufacture in France , on a very local scale and to double the environmental benefit of a human benefit by creating activity .

Products with a low carbon footprint

Optimize manufacturing circuits

Today, our pillows are made in Pau (64), we buy the fiber in Isle Jourdain (32) then they are filled and closed in our workshop in Cintegabelle (31). Little by little, we are optimizing the manufacturing circuit to further reduce the carbon footprint of our products. We are convinced that the products of tomorrow are beautiful, practical products with a low carbon footprint!

low carbon footprint product