The best gift idea for the best grandma

Hello grandma, could you look after the children for a weekend? Help grandma, I have a grease stain on my shirt, what should I do?

Ah… Our grandmothers, what would we do without them? Always the solution to everything, attentive, generous, full of life anecdotes... March 5 is Grandmother's Day , it's their day, and we must take advantage of it to spoil them!
You don't know what to give them? Something original that she's never received before? A Little Cadors perhaps?!
It's a well-being gift idea for those who have the time, who take the time to cross mountains and wonders to come see their beloved grandchildren. Little Cadors with several models to suggest to you!

What if we started with SALVADOR, the cushion for everyday moments .

I gave this cushion to my mother for Christmas, she is delighted with it. She uses it a lot when she watches television and finds it calming. She highly recommends it! ”, according to Céline L.

For tea after dinner, grandma would love to have one of our Salvadors around her neck! Everyday companion, it will hug her neck and she will never get tired of it!
For a modern and colorful grandma, with the New York model created by a textile designer, grandma will not go unnoticed!
For grannies with a green thumb, Ankara , with its big and super colorful flowers, will immediately make them happy! I think he's just waiting for her!
And if grandma is your family Brigitte Bardot, she will surely love our Chelsea 😻 with its comforting colors, it will bring softness to her daily naps.

well-being gift idea for Grandmothers Day

ISIDOR the car cushion for those who cross the entire length of France to see their descendants.

I gave this car pillow to my 12 year old granddaughter. She was able to try it on Tuesday for a 6-hour journey. She is happy ! She sent me a text saying: I slept really well in the car this morning, the pillow is great! I recommend it to you without hesitation. Isn't that a great proof of effectiveness? Only happiness ,” according to Cathie H.

Our latest additions to the collection are Husavik and Paris . A holiday air with its shades of blue for Husavik or a romantic air where each heart represents all the love we have for grandma, with Paris.
Grandma is more of the quirky and colorful type? We have something for her, ISIDOR Saint Tropez ! Graphic and Frenchie, he can only seduce her...

ELLIPSE is undoubtedly the best cushion for travel by train, bus and plane .

“The travel cushion is simply optimal. It ensures good neck support, while providing comfort thanks to materials with a particularly pleasant texture.” , according to Marc A.

Made in France and ergonomic , it will relieve the dreaded long journeys to give way to the comfort and pleasure that our Little Cadors will offer. Several colors of headbands are available to you, neutral, it is easy not to get tired of them.

It's up to you to choose the one she will need the most, and if unfortunately someone had the idea before you to give her one, you always have 40 days to return it to us ! No stress.

Happy birthday to all our super grandmas 🦸