February 19: Whale Protection and Defense Day

What is the 7th continent?

The “7th continent” is the name given to one of the biggest pollution problems in the world: plastic waste covering the ocean.

To date, there are around 270,000 tonnes of plastic floating over an area six times the size of France. And this figure will continue to increase in the years to come if we do not act.

Populated with waste, our oceans are suffering and underwater fauna are threatened since the ingestion of plastic is one of the causes of their mortality.
This is why it is important to urgently adopt daily measures to reduce our negative impact on their ecosystem so as not to see them disappear. The simplest thing is to favor reusable over disposable in our daily uses.

So, what do we do now with all this plastic?

On the occasion of this International Whaling Day, we wanted to share with you how we, at our level, contribute to the protection of the oceans. 🌊🪸

The soft filling of our cushions is made from plastic collected by the Plastic Bank network from the world's rivers before they can flow into the ocean and pollute it . Once cleaned and reduced to flakes, the plastic transformed into fiber is delicately housed by hand, inside our Little Cadors.

In 2 years, we recorded 6.4 tonnes of recycled plastic, the equivalent of 231,214 bottles.

Don't resist our cushions made in the southwest... Soft and environmentally friendly!