What if a nap was the best solution?

What if we all made at least one good resolution? That of improving your daily life and improving your health by taking a micro break mid-day.

In addition to the gym membership, opt for the nap room!

An inexpensive solution accessible to all. Resolution, what is it? It is the act of solving a problem and finding a solution. Indeed, a long time ago man lived around polyphasic sleep, that is to say, sleeping fractionally throughout the day. Industrialization has disrupted our biological clock and we are faced with monochronic sleep. We are therefore forced to only sleep at night because of our lifestyle . So, our problem is lacking rest, the solution is to integrate micro naps into our daily lives . Eureka!

Taking a few minutes a day would change everything

Weight gain, depression, stress, lack of energy, etc. What if the solution was a nap?

According to Boiron laboratories, it would take just 20 minutes of break in your day to reduce your stress, lower your heart rate, improve your digestion, improve your memory, stimulate your creativity, increase your attention / alertness / performance, help you recover. muscle, strengthen your immune system, or even could give you a boost of energy!

Napping is no longer laziness, but a source of well-being and essential for good health!

“The nap is about wisdom and not laziness,” explains Brice Faraut, neuroscience researcher. It is therefore up to the wisest to make this decision. The time has come to incorporate the “ power nap ” into your routine!

Benefits of micronaps in the workplace

A trend in the making: naps

In 2015, NASA announced that with a 20-minute midday nap , productivity would be boosted by +35% in the afternoon . Companies have understood this well, and are becoming more and more interested in it. Of course, this personal benefit must be taken into account, but the collective benefit is also notable since these micro breaks would bring calm and better behavior towards others . Enough to create a good atmosphere in the primary environment of our daily life.

From children to seniors, she brings everyone together

In preschool, our children take naps. This is mandatory since it allows them to consolidate the knowledge acquired during the day. And according to General Psychiatry, it would allow better mental agility for seniors and thus help prevent cognitive decline .

The good thing about napping is that, lying down or sitting, in total darkness or not, it's up to everyone to find their own way of doing it! However, they should not be done after 5 p.m. and should not exceed 20 minutes !

World Sleep Day: March 17

On March 17, 2023, we celebrate sleep, because even today, too many serious accidents on the highway are associated with drowsiness , it is the number one cause ahead of speed and alcohol. And we believe that it is high time to revalue naps to limit this!

Did you know ?

Salvador, our everyday cushion , was designed to take micro naps on an office chair. Starting point for our design, we wanted a cushion that provides immediate comfort and allows you to fall asleep quickly for a nap between noon and two. Then, it quickly conquered other environments: sofa, reading in bed, deck chair and deckchair, hammock...

So, when do we start taking a nap?