Isidor in the Dispatch this morning

We're talking about Isidor the car pillow in La Dépêche this morning!

Very funny to receive your messages this morning to tell us that you saw us on the back cover in the article in La Dépêche which announces our appearance on M6 tomorrow evening!

The article begins like this…

A couple of inventors from Toulouse are participating in the show “My invention is worth gold” on M6 this Wednesday. Laurent and Muriel will present a nomadic pillow, useful in multiple situations, particularly in the car. They will try to get through the first round of the show at 6:30 p.m. on M6 with “Isidor”, their nomadic pillow .

Coming from an art school and having pursued studies in design, the couple now works in visual communication. But the need to dive back into conception and design pushed them to relaunch this field. It is therefore a family adventure that they are undertaking, accompanied by their daughter Juliette.

“We started with our little fingers and our ideas. We made the first prototypes ourselves with a little sewing and imagination. The goal was to finally have an aesthetic and comfortable cushion in the car,” explains Laurent. It attaches with a “click” to the front or rear passenger seats and, according to its designers, allows you to sleep in the car without stiff necks upon arrival. The couple decided to look into a comfortable and fairly mobile object, especially after understanding the importance of sleep on a daily basis. The question comes up regularly these days, and more particularly the impact of lack of sleep on productivity at work.

To find out how far we have come in this adventure,
See you on M6 Wednesday June 12 at 6:40 p.m.!

You will know if our Isidor car pillow has been selected by the M6 ​​experts!