Our car cushion in “My invention is worth gold”

It was last night in My invention is worth gold!

Many of you followed us last night on M6 in the show My invention is worth gold !!! Among more than 1000 candidates, we were selected to present Isidor, the car cushion for which we have filed a patent.

All your messages made us so happy! Messages of encouragement, Instagram stories, sweet words, so many good vibes to support us in the rest of this adventure!

We are very happy that the 3 experts selected our Isidor car cushion among the other candidates present that day.

“It’s very comfortable, it’s better than in my bed!” »

In front of Jérôme Bonaldi, Erika Delattre and Emmanuelle Rivassoux, our nomadic Isidor pillow was scrutinized. The 3 experts tested it on board, comfortably seated at the front and rear of the vehicle.

A convincing demo!

The experts were won over by the demo created by Juliette. Very comfortable, she showed them how to install it in one click in the car and how to remove it.

Comfortable, beautiful, practical ”, the Petits Cadors car pillow was adopted in no time! And it's true that Juliette was an asset, since if you are parents, you know how complicated it is to take long car journeys with them! So we just like them to sleep comfortably, right? ☺️

Our car cushion in the finale of the show!

When Erika asked for our business card we couldn't believe it! Our invention is simple, but there is no equivalent, and that caught their full attention.

We continue to the final with great enthusiasm!!!