New ❤️ The long-awaited TÉODOR, for car seat and stroller

It is with a little emotion and after several months of experimentation that we are happy to announce the birth of TÉODOR !

Intended for children aged 3 to 7, it helps them fall asleep and prevents their heads from falling into car seats and strollers. This is the brand's most elaborate cushion. It required more than a year of research and brings together all the know-how acquired since we embarked on the adventure of nomadic cushions.

A comfort cushion for the car and stroller

It was following the request of a mother whose little boy Léony suffers from a rare disease that we took the time to look into a problem that all parents encounter: How to properly support children's heads during car or stroller trips when they fall asleep?
We then had only one goal in mind: to rediscover the comfort of the pillow and make a small, soft neck cushion that would delicately wrap the child's neck to ensure good head support.

A designer approach

True to our approach, we have, to begin, defined three constraints :
1/ A cushion without fixing element to the seat
2/ A cushion capable of supporting the head laterally but also preventing it from falling forward
3/ Restricted materials, like the brand's other cushions, with use limited to fabric and recycled polyester fiber from the world of bedding (no rigid frame)

Petits Cadors unique know-how

Unique know-how

The birth of TÉODOR required more than 100 prototypes! A step-by-step approach in which the entire Petits Cadors team has demonstrated all its expertise in the field of cushion making. It took us a lot of perseverance to succeed in our challenge and we had to show a lot of inventiveness! Moreover, with this new model, we realized that we have developed unique know-how since the creation of the brand. Because a cushion is filled, its volume and therefore its pattern are subject to constraints which are specific, very different for example from the world of clothing making. With this new cushion, we have reached a new stage of expertise in our field!

TEODOR: a year of research at Petits Cadors

Comfortable sleep

By its shape and its materials, TÉODOR does not just hold the head. Designed as a small “cocooning” cushion , it goes up behind the head and partly covers the ears to create an “ in my bubble ” effect by attenuating external sounds. A “cocooning” effect which causes two things:
1/ It promotes falling asleep
2/ It gives TÉODOR a “soft comfort” effect which allows children to quickly make it their own.
Its sleek design and softness allow it to be used in a stroller as well as in a car seat, with the same effectiveness.

Ecological materials, 100% French manufacturing

Always faithful to our sustainable commitment, Téodor's fabric, woven in France by Charlieu weaving (Lyon region), is composed of organic cotton, recycled cotton and recycled polyester . Its filling is made from 100% recycled polyester (Global recycle standard). Like our other nomadic cushions, it is entirely made and filled by hand in our workshop in Nailloux (near Toulouse).

An atypical design

As you know, it is also important for us to design cushions that are as effective as they are beautiful . In a field dominated by sometimes technical, sometimes medicalized products whose aesthetic aspect is often neglected and the materials used are purely synthetic, we absolutely wanted to create an object that would appeal to both parents and children . We opted for an elegant heather gray fabric and two hearts that support the head on each side of the cushion for a “ so cute ” look ❤️

child cushion for the car

A proven product

TÉODOR was designed for and with children . In the first months, we tested the cushion with Léon, our son, then 5 years old. In recent months, the products have been the subject of real tests with children of different ages. Conclusive tests which made it possible to refine the product and collect the first very positive testimonials. A deliberately empirical approach which has made Petits Cadors successful and which your customer reviews so often confirm!

We are very happy to welcome the new addition to the Petits Cadors family and we hope that you will be delighted to adopt him! Because a child who no longer has neck pain is an adult who no longer has heart pain! 😉