🌟Special end-of-year holiday capsule collection🌟

Elegant, soft, comfortable and with an astonishing shine, it will undoubtedly be the most beautiful cushion of the holidays

Designed and woven near you!

The Walkie Talkie studio , a textile design workshop in Nantes, designed this wonderful pattern. Then it was the Charlieu weavers , near Roanne, who worked to weave this Jacquard using recycled yarns. The metallic threads embellish it and bring irregular luminous bursts which reveal a pretty gradient of gold and silver✨

100% made in France in our own workshop (31)

Made with love by our seamstresses, SALVADOR Philadelphia & ISIDOR Las Vegas are adorned with a thousand lights and make you want to party! This original and refined pattern gives free rein to the imagination. Ours sees sparkling clouds that transport us into the magic of the holidays. With this fabric it is possible to have your head in the clouds!

The most surprising: 90% recycled materials!

When you see them, it's hard to imagine that these fabulous cushions are made from 90% recycled materials. This is how to reconcile aesthetics and respect for the environment!
So having a chic and eco-responsible cushion is possible!
At this time of year, consuming better becomes necessary.
With these limited edition cushions , we wanted, for you, the most made in France, creative, durable and refined gifts to offer. High-end cushions!
Who will be lucky enough to have it? Because, at the foot of the tree, it will definitely be unanimous! “All I Want For Christmas is youuuu” 🎅🏻​🎁​​🎄

permium cushion