“Petits Cadors nomadic pillows democratize nap time”

Revisiting the art of napping for young and old alike is the credo of Petits Cadors, a young brand which invented, in Toulouse, designer and durable nomadic pillows.

By Alexandra Foissac for Le Journal Toulousain

It's the story of a Toulouse and traveling family who were looking for the perfect car pillow. But couldn't find it and so invented it! Thus Isidor was born, patented immediately and immediately adopted by young and old. Imagined in Toulouse by Muriel Goudol and Laurent Padiou, helped and inspired by their young children Juliette and Léon, Isidor responds to a need and concerns in the spirit of the times: slowing down the pace, taking advantage of stolen moments to rest, combine usefulness and aesthetics, French manufacturing, durable and responsible.
The Petits Cadors nomadic pillows are thus made from a fiber produced in the Gers and from the recycling of plastic bottles, manufactured in Pau and filled in Toulouse, favoring short circuits and organic labels. Objective: to re-enchant naptime with a comfortable, fun, eco-friendly and designer object.

Isidor, Téodor, Bivoak and the other Little Cadors

Because there are as many naps as there are individuals , suitable times and places, Les Petits Cadors continued the adventure initiated with Isidor. The first in the range is dedicated to the car, with its ingenious hanging system on the headrest and its funny triangular shape, and it is available in around fifteen colors and designs, sober, childish or flashy. Téodor is a soft pillow which aims to demonstrate that fifteen minutes of daily naps increase productivity, energy, good mood and good health. And this, without leaving your office or living room, even if the names of the fabrics – Ouessant, Brocéliande… – invite you to travel.
Salvador is dedicated to summer and is intended to settle down on a deckchair, on the sand or a fouta to reconnect with the concept of a nap in the sun. It is available in washed cotton and in a children's version for little darlings. As for the Z, it invites confidences on the pillow, because this zig-zag tandem cushion is perfect for romantic naps, with your best friend or parent-child. The latest addition to the range, Bivoak, is a technical cushion (310 grams, waterproof) dedicated to hikers and nights under the stars. Everyone has their own pillow!

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Photo Géraldine Buis - Models Anna x Max