Elle magazine talks about the Little Cadors!

On June 28, our 3 models of nomadic pillows are in the spotlight

Elle Pays de Loire spoke about the Petits Cadors!

We are very happy to see our Little Cadors in Elle magazine. We start with the Pays de Loire region in the June 28 edition!

This beautiful article talks about our nomadic pillows Isidor , Téodor and Salvador the youngest with its summer motifs.

In the “new features” pages

It's the first summer for the brand, and we hope to see you on a beach or at a rest area with one of our pillows taking a little nap!!

Your opinion matters to us!

If you enjoyed Isidor for your vacation trips, or Salvador for a moment of relaxation, if your husband no longer leaves Téodor for a nap or your children fight over the car pillow, don't hesitate to leave us a recommendation on our Facebook page ! Your positive feedback is our source of energy to continue to frantically create new models of nomadic pillows ready to accompany you in all circumstances 😘