Be a Boss Toulouse

The national event to boost female entrepreneurship 💪

As a woman and co-founder of the brand, I had the honor of being godmother of the Be A Boss Occitanie event which took place in Toulouse on June 2. This national event dedicated to female entrepreneurship aims to inspire, boost and remove the obstacles that could be encountered by project leaders. Reality proves that even today many women do not dare to take the plunge, perhaps because with our feminine sensitivity, many things are important in our lives and it seems crazy to us to take the plunge with ardor. in a professional project?

Be a Boss - Muriel Goudol

One thing is certain, during this day I had the joy of meeting some of our partners , I also discovered exciting projects , and discovered inspiring journeys .

Around different testimonies, some subjects were mentioned several times and are situations encountered by many entrepreneurs and which deserve to be shared.

be a boss

Emmanuelle - Artiloco / Muriel - Petits Cadors / Caroline - Artiloc / Pauline - Linverse

Here are some useful tips for anyone who wants to embark on a business creation project!

👉 The birth of the project often comes from a problem encountered in everyday life!

We find ourselves in an uncomfortable situation and we imagine the solution that would serve us well! This is how things often start, this is how Petits Cadors started during a long car trip without a suitable place to sleep. This is also what Anissa de Pincl' told us with the invention of the inclusive mask . Deciding to go further than the idea, to find out about the patent filing, the administrative procedures, the way in which the object could be manufactured or how the service in question could be set up is the beginning of the adventure !

👉 There are always problems that arise during the start of the project!

And that's normal! We grope, we learn, we test, setbacks are an integral part of the project, we have to find people around us in whom we can confide about the difficulties encountered. Finding support to get through the different milestones with greater ease is important.

👉 Sourcing should not be neglected!

New work tools, new suppliers, new materials, new carriers, etc. In entrepreneurship, you must not fall asleep and constantly improve, improve costs and offer a better service. The more the company grows, the more doors open to us. It’s up to you to discover it 😉

👉 In entrepreneurship, movement and agility are permanent!

We must not be afraid to question ourselves and do things radically differently . Continuing down the wrong path can jeopardize your business. Don't be afraid to make decisions , completely review your process, overhaul your communication or change your logo if you realize that something is not consistent or is unsuitable.

👉 Surrounding yourself with the right partners is an essential point!

Accounting, subcontracting, social, legal, strategy, digital marketing, ... Remember to stay on the lookout, to exchange with other people, to listen to your intuition if you have a doubt about one of your partners or if you do not feel sufficiently supported. Again, don't be afraid of change!

👉 Everything has to be invented!

When you embark on your project, when you create your own business, let yourself dream ! It's up to you to make it your ideal business, it's up to you to set the rules of the game, to instill good humor and guidelines. If you know where you are going and how you want to get there, everyone will follow you on your adventure!

Spotlight on 2 entrepreneurs for Be a Boss Occitanie

Bravo Sophie SCANTAMBURLO-CONTRERAS from SCOP3 and Magali PASCAL from Bien Commun who reach the final of Be a boss in Paris on September 22, 2022! To be continued !

Photos: ©Smilzz for Be A Boss