Nap at work: The phenomenon is slowly arriving in France

Since NASA published a study in which it showed that a short nap can increase productivity by 35%, things are moving!

The benefits of napping at work for employees

Are you one of the 19% of French people who take a nosedive during the day? For Doctor Eric Mullens, somnologist: “Taking a nap meets a natural need in the middle of the day. It's part of our rhythm. For what ? Because it helps combat temporary fatigue, which is very normal in the middle of the day, or compensates for poor quality sleep.” Moreover, he affirms: even after having had a good night's sleep, a nap may prove necessary: ​​“It all depends on age and activity. But in any case, taking a short nap can’t do any harm.”

For this specialist, the nap only has advantages. Particularly in the world of work: Everyone needs to rest after a meal. Especially in business, because people get up early. A rest phase therefore allows you to boost your efficiency and be more alert and more attentive. Without forgetting the health benefits, since it helps stabilize the heart rate.

Napping at work is good for bosses

Taking a nap during the workday is therefore good for employees. But what about the bosses? Do they benefit from letting their employees sleep for twenty minutes? The answer is a big yes. Just look at the benefits of naps for employees: an employee who has had the right to rest time is more efficient, more attentive, more motivated.

By introducing the practice of napping at work, companies can boost goodwill and create a better working atmosphere. So many factors that can have a real impact on productivity.

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Nap at work: The phenomenon is slowly arriving in France