Napping in the car (not while driving)

The National Institute of Sleep and Vigilance invites you to discover the advice of a sophrologist to optimize your naps in the car! An intelligent and clear spot which gives sometimes unsuspected tips. Did you know, for example, that you should drink your coffee just before bed? Quite simply because it will take 20 minutes for coffee to start working in your body, just when you need to stop your nap so as not to enter a deeper phase of sleep!

ISIDOR, the essential accessory

To truly relax and fully enjoy your short nap, you still need to be comfortably seated. This is where ISIDOR enter the scene! Firmly attached to the headrest, it fits between your head and the door of your vehicle. Very soft, your face sinks slightly inside to support you pleasantly. Do not hesitate to tilt your seat back slightly. The sandman will pass!

The car pillow for passengers…and driver!

ISIDOR is of course intended for any passenger who wants to take a nap during a journey. It is ideal for long journeys where different drivers must take turns! Because a well-rested passenger is a fit potential driver and alert to get behind the wheel.

But ISIDOR addresses also for solo drivers to take truly restorative breaks. With the vehicle stopped, any driver who feels a little tired will finally be able to take a little rest in the best possible conditions. And this, whatever the weather 🙂