Lépine Competition

We are participating in the inventors' competition: the Lépine competition!

A look back at the history of the competition

It was at the Paris fair that we got up close and personal with the stands of the inventors of the Lépine competition . For the record, this competition was created in 1900 to support small toy and item manufacturers in Paris, facing foreign competition. It was Prefect Lépine who took the initiative of creating a competition-exhibition in 1901 which quickly became an essential place where thousands of inventions from the most extraordinary to the most surprising saw the light of day such as the ballpoint pen, the iron steam iron, contact lenses, aspivenin, the first solar-powered electric bike…

The Montpellier edition

The competition takes place during the Montpellier international fair . We will be on site from October 11 to 21 for 11 days of fairs to meet you! On site we plan to be able to have ISIDOR test the car pillow for which we have filed a patent.

It is for this invention that we were asked by the President of the Lépine competition to participate in this edition which takes place in our region.

The opportunity to present the new car pillow collection

For us this will be an opportunity to test the new organization of our range. Indeed, we have decided to make ISIDOR more accessible to everyone , and for this, it will now be available alone, with a non-removable cover.

The cover is optional, but it allows you to have a more personalized and colorful product. We continue to find elegant fabrics, with oeko-tex, organic or GOTS certifications , but from now on, you can buy them separately if you wish.

Finally, the new winter prints will be available on the stand: graphic trees, sparkling fabrics, but also emoji patterns or more folky patterns adorned with squirrels.

Come to our stand to take advantage of it at the “fair price”!

Montpellier International Fair
HALL 2 · Lépine Competition


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From Friday 11 to Monday 21 October 2019
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