Promo on nomadic pillows

Low prices to leave summer gently...

Summer is over, here is autumn and soon the new collection will be showing up. We can't wait to receive all the new products which will be available until Christmas but in the meantime we are selling off part of the stock to make some space!

As for Isidor the car pillow , some models are €45 instead of €59, i.e. a 25% discount on the products! To take advantage of this promotional offer you will need to choose from these items:

If you prefer to take advantage of the low prices to treat yourself to a Téodor or Salvador nap pillow, you will have to choose from:

And at the moment you may know, there are FRENCH DAYS everywhere. But there are no high-tech items on sale here, quite the contrary... we suggest you disconnect and take a better nap ! You have until October 6 to take advantage of it.