Review of the year 2021 at the Petits Cadors

The year 2021 is over

...and we wanted to take a quick look in the rearview mirror before embarking on the new adventures that 2022 has in store for us. A quick breath to see the progress made over a year and share with you our little victories!

Our own tailoring workshop near Toulouse

The year 2021 began with an important change: a installation in an eco-responsible building at the entrance of village of Nailloux (31) in January. With this change of premises, we had one goal in mind, to create our own clothing workshop .

We invested in a large cutting table, professional sewing machines and recruited Aline, workshop coordinator to set up and manage the manufacturing of our nomadic pillows. Fabric cutting, assembly and filling are entirely handmade in our walls .

A year later, the workshop part is made up of three seamstresses, Séverine, Sabrina and Laetitia, a trimmer, Cécile, and Aline who supervises the production. Marion, our order picker, ensures all the shipments that we wish to manage internally for maximum responsiveness.

Thanks to their high standards and expertise, we very quickly achieved a high level of quality ! Moreover, many of you highlight the careful making of our cushions when you leave a reviews on our site .

It is a source of great pride for us to have achieved this quality in such a short time!

little christmas cadors team

ELLIPSE the new kid on the block for sleeping on a plane, train or bus

This year, the Petits Cadors family has grown with ELLIPSE , a travel pillow specially designed for long journeys by plane, train or coach. For this new model, we are happy to work with the Tissages de Charlieu , near Roanne, which weaves the ELLIPSE fabric made from recycled cotton and polyester which makes it a cushion made from 88% recycled materials (fabric + filling) 🌍

Our cushions present in stores throughout France

This year was also marked by the development of a network of resellers throughout France . Today there are around forty stores, mainly pretty concept stores, which promote the brand in France but also in Switzerland and Belgium. You can find all these stores on our site .

We are also proud to have three cushions referenced on the Nature & Découverte website This year ! This is qualitative recognition for our products from this major brand which is labeled “ B Corp ” and which is very demanding in terms of locations and manufacturing methods.

A responsible commitment

Always driven by our desire to reduce our carbon footprint , the year 2021 also marks the use an Ecolabel recycled filling fiber , fluffy and soft, made from plastic collected from waterways to contribute to the protection of the oceans. Since February, we have already used more than 3 tons of plastic , or more than 120,000 bottles at the end of December to fill our cushions.

Ever more eco-responsible cushions!

Still in this same environmental dynamic, 2021 marks the arrival of a nap cushion made from 100% recycled materials - EL SALVADOR Cap-Ferret

We also went from 10% to 25% organic references ! And we are aiming for 50%! We started a collaboration with a textile printer from Ain who prints on Organic fabric, woven in France , with a waterless printing technique , innovative and eco-responsible. This fabric is used for ISIDOR the car pillow And SALVADOR the comfort cushion for everyday life. You can find all of our most eco-responsible products in this section: 💚 ORGANIC, RECYCLED FABRICS, WOVEN IN FRANCE

organic cushions petit cadors

Petits Cadors supported by the Region and the Réseau Entreprendre

END 2021 we received the support of the Occitanie region in material investment for our workshop. We also integrated the Entrepreneur Network as Laureates and benefit in particular from support of 2 years reserved for companies that create value on French territory and local jobs. All this gives us wings!

The year 2021 will therefore have been very rich for Petits Cadors!

We are very happy with the progress we have made and we thank you all for accompanying us on this adventure. Thank you for the positive vibes in your user feedback! This is essential for us and very motivating.

We have many plans for 2022 that you will discover over the coming months. In particular a new product that many of you have been asking us for several months and which will complete our collection of nomadic cushions.

Surprise in a few weeks! 😸

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