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Spécialiste français du confort de la tête

French specialist in head comfort

In 5 years , we have become the French company specializing in head comfort. In this article, we will explain to you why our products are so different and how we develop expertise in this area.

An in-depth analysis of the market and its gaps

For decades, design has focused on the comfort of seats such as chairs, sofas and deckchairs, neglecting a crucial element of well-being: the head. This essential part of the body supports a significant weight (around 5 kg) and is subject to increasing tensions due to changes in our lifestyles (loss of sleep, hunched posture on screens , etc.).
Faced with this observation and the insufficiency of existing solutions on the market, Petits Cadors has made head comfort its specialty.

An innovative approach and revolutionary products

Faced with this observation, we decided to create products that finally meet the needs of users . Whether for transport , at home or outdoors, we have developed a range of unique ergonomic cushions , designed to provide optimal head support in all situations.

Why are our products so different?

  • A user-centered approach: We observed that the head comfort solutions available on the market were insufficient and too general, such as the famous U-shaped cushion. Existing products are often uncomfortable and ineffective. This is why we have developed our own range of cushions, designed to offer optimal support and maximum comfort in all situations , starting from a given situation each time .

  • High-end materials: We rigorously select the materials we use for our cushions. Say goodbye to synthetic fabrics and polystyrene balls! We favor cotton for its softness and breathability, and we fill our cushions with a high quality fiber ( Aerelle Blue from the Advansa brand) used by major bedding brands to make high-end pillows. This fiber, made from recycled plastic , is not only comfortable but also environmentally friendly.

  • Unique know-how in terms of filling and manufacturing: Our expertise lies in the mastery of filling techniques. We use an innovative filling fiber of great flexibility and resilience which perfectly matches the shape of the head and ensures even weight distribution , thus relieving pressure points and preventing neck pain.

  • Constant innovation: We are constantly working to develop new filling and closing techniques, and we create unique shapes to meet specific needs, depending on the chosen situation ( sleeping in a means of transport , reading in bed , etc.) .

  • Patented expertise: All our cushions are patents or registered models , which guarantees their unique and innovative character. ISIDOR, our car cushion, even received a gold medal in the Lépine competition .

Innovation at the heart of our approach

With 5 years of experience , Petits Cadors has developed unique know-how in the field of cushions and innovation is at the heart of our approach. We are constantly working to develop new products and improve our manufacturing techniques. We produce numerous prototypes for each new product, in order to validate its design and guarantee optimal comfort. We have perfect mastery of filling and closing techniques, which allows us to create cushions that are both comfortable and durable and adapt to different body types.

Laser cutting of Sunbrella technical fabric

Ergonomics: our priority

At Petits Cadors, we are convinced that head comfort is essential to general well-being. This is why ergonomics guides each of our creations. The shape, filling and density of each cushion are carefully studied to provide optimal support for the head and neck. Our goal is to promote a natural posture , thereby reducing muscle tension.

Where fillings based on memory foam are too rigid and those based on polystyrene beads are much too fluid (their softness preventing any support for the head), our filling, the density of which we adapt to each product, ensures a good support while allowing adaptability of the contact surface according to the user's body shape. This unique filling distributes the weight of the head evenly, relieving pressure points and preventing pain.

EPICUR outdoor

Convincing results

Our approach based on experience and the choice of our materials have proven themselves. We receive a lot of very positive customer reviews , and many people suffering from neck pain or migraine have told us of a reduction in their symptoms thanks to our cushions. We also collect many testimonials from users who appreciate our cushions for moments of relaxation or sleep (especially travel cushions ). This recognition also results in distinctions such as the gold medal in the Lépine competition awarded to our ISIDOR car cushion or the TPE 2022 Prize for the Occitanie region.

Our engagement

By devoting ourselves exclusively to head comfort for 5 years, Petits Cadors has acquired unrivaled expertise in this area. Our cushions, the result of constant research and real know-how in manufacturing techniques, stand out by promoting better posture, restful sleep and a reduction in muscular tension.

With Petits Cadors, you choose what is best for your head.

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