What does Petits Cadors do to limit its waste and its impact on the planet?

The challenge that drives us every day is to contribute to the preservation of our planet . We do our best by producing better and throwing away less .
On this global day for cleaning up the planet , or better known as " world clean up day ", we felt it necessary to tell you about our actions.

What if we went around each station in the workshop to understand the place of each in our eco-responsible dynamic?

Trendy, French and responsible fabrics; it's possible ?

It all starts with the choice of fabrics. We choose them according to fashion, according to the seasons, but we are careful to respect our desire for a short circuit , that is to say, by seeking French partners.
Our fall collection will be released soon and reaches 45% of fabrics made from recycled and organic raw materials !

When cutting, is there any loss?

When our nimble fingers start making, nothing escapes them! Ah yes, because you may not know it, but everything is made here , in our dear and tender southwest. Everything depends on the millimeter when designing these. Our seamstresses optimize fabric consumption and try to make as little waste as possible . And even if that were to happen, we thought of everything! These pretty little scraps are kept and are used to make accessories : headbands , zipped pouches , key rings . Or given to schools and leisure centers (just like the cardboard rolls on which our fabrics were wrapped) to make your Mother's Day gifts for example, it will make a change from pasta necklaces😉! Zero waste technique validated!
Sometimes, we organize partnerships with brands that share the same values, as we were able to do with “ Le Petit Carré Français ”. We sent them our best scraps with which they were able to make reusable makeup remover wipes and scrunchies. In short, nothing escapes them! Everything is good in upcycling !

hand-filled cushions Petits Cadors

And what is the inside of the cushion made of?

Our pillows are delicately stuffed. We fill them with a fiber made from recycled plastic collected from rivers around the world . It guarantees you ultimate comfort and has a significant influence on the preservation of the environment. The most significant example: an ISIDOR car cushion contains around 7 to 8 recycled plastic bottles. This is far from negligible!
Not to mention that the fabric bags in which the fiber is packaged are kept, then returned to our partner during its next delivery for re-circulation. Just want to say: the circle is closed.

plastic recycling

Yes, but preparing the package pollutes, right?

During the order preparation phase, everything starts with printing order forms. Here, our order picker reduces the formats and prints the slips on A5 format sheets to minimize the use of paper and ink . Moreover, if too many slips have been printed inadvertently, they are kept so that we can lay down our bubbling ideas!
There is also the question of individual packaging, because from a logistical point of view, we initially used recyclable plastic bags and had great difficulty finding new packaging that met our specifications. This has been done since last July, we have finally found a slightly transparent paper packaging which allows you to store the cushions while protecting them from dust and to ensure that whatever happens, your cushion will be delivered to your home clean and dry !
On the cardboard and pallet side , we collect whenever possible those intended to be destroyed from neighboring stores, and we use them to ship our packages to our points of sale: new life for them. Everything is good to recover!
And of course, we sort our waste. Besides, we only empty our container every six weeks!

How can you follow trends while respecting the environment?

Unfortunately, we all know the impact of fashion on the environment... At Petits Cadors, we love our planet, but also love fashion. So, we favor small series depending on the season so as not to end up with excess. Out of stock is frustrating, but ultimately it's quite healthy!

Obviously, it is important to tell ourselves that each action, even the most minimal, can have a real impact in the long term.

Psssst! With family, friends, colleagues, organize your cleanup to clean your environment and remove as much waste as possible. Don’t hesitate to take your Salvador with you to take breaks…