Our selection of Mother’s Day gift ideas

The ideal gift for mothers is without hesitation SALVADOR!

The everyday cushion that helps relieve neck tension

This cushion is rated 4.9/5 by its users ! A real comforting blanket that provides immediate soft comfort. It supports the head while allowing great freedom of movement, making it an ideal lounging companion.

Here is a small list of our favorite uses for this little Made In France cushion that everyone loves:

- read a book in bed before falling asleep
- watch your favorite series on the sofa
- take a micro nap in an armchair or at the office
- laze around the pool or on the sand
- nap on a deck chair
- contemplate nature in a hammock
- 😴...

A pretty cushion in a limited edition: an original gift for my dear mother!

Here are our 4 summer limited series, ideal new products to please him:

Summer cushions in collaboration with the Ôbaba brand

They are soft and light, and match the Ôbaba beach towels which are planted in the sand with piquetas. We met Ôbaba last year and tested the beach towels which we approve 100%!! This collaboration was obvious: relaxation, zero waste approach, quality manufacturing, these little matching cushions, we had dreamed of them! They are made from fabrics initially discarded because they had small defects, but our team scrutinized them, sorted them and carefully cut out the cushions from this summer collaboration.

beach sheet and cushion

The gingham cushion collection and their matching bags!

It's a light collection that immediately evokes vacations, family picnics, laughs and good memories . The ideal pattern for a nomadic cushion: in the garden, at the beach, at the swimming pool, on vacation, it is the trendy and "all-terrain" cushion par excellence.

Purple, yellow or green? Maybe all 3!
And to complete the range, pretty bags are made in the same fabrics with a colored strap to add a touch of originality. One thing is certain: mom will love it!

trendy gingham cushion

The cushion for her to relax in her bath or by the pool

After its great success last summer, SALVADOR the waterproof cushion is back. With its French colors and its sailor look, this summer, he won't leave it!

waterproof cushion for bath and swimming pool

An exceptional gift for an exceptional woman: the French washed linen cushion

They are incredibly soft and fresh , their natural fiber is both noble and timeless, she will love it. Among 5 colors to choose from, don't hesitate to combine them two by two for a trendy decor. Why not kill two birds with one stone and take 1 for her + 1 for him? Voila, you have your 2 gifts for Parents’ Day!

washed linen cushion Petits Cadors

Other gift ideas for mom...

In addition to attention that she will be able to keep and use every day, you can also:

- organize a one-on-one weekend with her
- plan a family picnic in which she doesn't have to prepare anything!
- make him a bouquet of wild flowers collected in the garden
- spend an hour together pampering: facial mask and chatting
- go for a walk in the fresh air to recharge your batteries together
- ...

Any other ideas to share?😊