Christmas is just around the corner...

“What can I possibly offer?”

Three years ago, we embarked on a crazy adventure by creating Petits Cadors . It all started by chance, during a family trip to Brittany and we found ourselves embarked on the path to entrepreneurship.
It is an exciting adventure in which we have chosen to integrate values ​​that are important to us, in particular social and environmental impact .
Instinctively, we immediately chose local manufacturing and the use of recycled materials . To put it simply, we no longer believe in an economic model based on aberrant production circuits for a purely economic question. How can we still support bringing pizza boxes from China in 2021 to save 1 or 2 cents per box? How can we still consider that it is interesting to make a pair of jeans travel 60,000 km to save on manufacturing costs?
For our part, we strongly believe in a local economy , which creates jobs and which drastically reduces the distances between the manufacturing site and the consumer . We created a manufacturing workshop and today we are a small team of 8 people , in Nailloux, just near Toulouse, in Occitanie.
We are also very proud to have integrated into the manufacturing of our products a filling fiber made from recycled plastic collected from waterways . This year, we used more than 2.5 tonnes of fiber, the equivalent of 100,000 bottles. 100,000 bottles which should have ended up in the oceans and which are much better off in our cushions.
Many of you will say that our approach is a drop in the ocean, but we see every day that we are not alone and that global awareness is emerging. Everything is not simple, it's true, but we are proof that it is possible to manufacture differently. It's a question of belief.
So if you are sensitive to our project and our values, do not hesitate to share this message with those around you. Our portable pillows can provide a little softness at the foot of the tree for young and old alike. 🎁