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NEW ⛰️ BIVØAK L’oreiller de randonnée

NEW ⛰️ BIVØAK The hiking pillow

BIVØAK is an ideal pillow for camping or bivouac!

Specially designed for hikers, campers and mountaineers, it is ideal for sleeping in a tent, under the stars, in a lodge, taking a restorative nap or contemplating the landscape from the comfort of your home.

This new product, which is the subject of a patent, is the result of a year of research and testing. With it, our slogan “Nomadic pillows” takes on its full meaning ! Like our other nomadic pillows, BIVØAK is made in Pau (64). The filling and finishing are carried out in the Petits Cadors workshop, near Toulouse (31).

lightweight and comfortable camping pillow

A technical pillow to meet the demands of hikers

A light and soft hiking pillow!

Designed specifically to be as light as possible (310 grams all inclusive) and easily transportable, this hiking cushion benefits above all from the softness that makes the other products of our brand so successful. This is a padding made from recycled plastic bottles, used by bedding professionals. This fiber offers much greater comfort than traditional materials used such as polystyrene balls, foams or inflatable solutions. Our common thread is to offer pillows as comfortable as those you use in your bed.

A bivouac pillow that doesn't take up space in the bag!

BIVØAK innovates in its mode of transport: it attaches in a few seconds to a backpack with a system of straps and carabiners . Once installed and tightened using an adjustable strap, it remains attached to the bag and is therefore very discreet. Wondering what happens when it rains? Don't panic, we've thought of everything!

A hiking pillow that allows you to sleep dry even after walking in the rain or snow!

Made from a waterproof technical fabric, it is unaffected by humidity, rain or snow. When it's time to get cozy in your sleeping bag, simply take out the cotton cover, which has remained dry in a pocket integrated into the cushion, and slip the pillow inside. Easy to clean: simply remove its cover in seconds to wash it in the river for the more adventurous, or in the washing machine.

Petits Cadors hiking pillow

A comfortable and comforting camping pillow!

After a long walk, BIVØAK is there to provide comfort. Its shape has been specially designed to form a slight hollow in the center to prevent the head from leaving the pillow during sleep. It allows you to sleep on your back or side and is small enough to fit entirely in the hood of your sleeping bag.

Hiker, camper or mountaineer, amateur or seasoned, BIVØAK will offer you all the comfort necessary for a pleasant and restorative sleep throughout your small and big adventures!

Mountain photos: Ludovic Fremondiere

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