Our actions in favor of associations 🐳🐙🐡

With as much conviction as ever, we continue our monthly commitment to donate to an association.

Support for those who work in favor of the environment and for the month of September, we have chosen the Bloom association . It is an association entirely dedicated to the oceans and those who live from them. Its mission is to work for the common good by creating a lasting pact between man and the sea.

Its challenge is to protect the ocean and marine species while maximizing sustainable jobs in fishing and aquaculture.

As a priority, put an end to destructive fishing methods, protect the marine environment and preserve its resilience while seeking to promote artisanal fishing using methods that are gentle on the environment and highly job-generating.
In particular, the association has been leading an awareness campaign for several months and is fighting fervently against electric fishing, a method that is particularly destructive to the marine environment.

Helping consumers choose better

The association regularly publishes guides for the general public, in particular a “better consumption” guide to avoid buying overfished and endangered species from your fishmonger or to be wary of misleading labels.

We love their commitment and their approach. Do not hesitate to go to their site to find out more and thank them for their actions! 🙏