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Le doudou des temps calmes pour les enfants de 3 à 8 ans

The quiet time comforter for children aged 3 to 8 years old

Small heads but big ideas, children aged 3 to 8 now have their own little cuddly toy cushion!

The size of this MINI SALVADOR is specially adapted to the shape of their head. Smaller than a classic model, this reduced size allows them to position themselves well in their cushion and to be comfortably nestled inside.
This model is therefore aimed at small people!
As soon as your child approaches 8 years old, and if he is more "giant" than "twig", then adopt a classic SALVADOR because his head, heavier than that of a toddler, will be better supported.

So, what exactly is this MINI SALVADOR for?

Well it's a little cushion for soft and light moments.
On his mat, in his tepee or his cabin, he is made to share his world! Your child can take him on a picnic, go with him to the beach or the park. Wherever you are, he can take a little rest with him! MINI SALVADOR loves listening to stories and lying on the grass to watch the clouds!

Like a cuddly toy, it will follow you everywhere!

At school, at grandma's, with friends, on vacation, at the park, at the beach, it's the comfort blanket for quiet times and moments of daydreaming. With its small strap it is easy to carry everywhere.

Mini salvador the children's comforter

A little Made In France cushion... like the big ones!

This first collection matches that of the adults : 4 models to share calm moments as a duo! Made in France of course, near Pau, then garnished and finished in our workshop near Toulouse, they are made with the greatest care and lots of love! We love this mini cushion with its soft and fruity patterns ☺️ and we hope you like them as much as we do!

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