Gift ideas for Grandmother's Day: offer comfort!

Grandmother's Day is fast approaching, and it's the ideal time to spoil our grandmothers with gifts that will please them and bring them well-being on a daily basis. At Petits Cadors, we have selected a range of products that are as elegant as they are comfortable, with inspiring patterns to meet the most refined tastes of our dear grandmothers.

SALVADOR: the perfect rest companion

For moments of relaxation at home, SALVADOR is the ideal companion. This Made In France cushion offers optimal comfort for reading , watching TV or a quick nap .

Each name of the selected patterns is inspired by an emblematic place and its history:

  • Argenteuil : Its beautiful floral and multicolored fabric is reminiscent of impressionist painting, evoking the fields and gardens of Claude Monet.
  • Wisley : Its “slow flowers” ​​pattern transports us to the lush botanical gardens of Surrey, England, where local and seasonal flowers are in the spotlight.
  • Queenstown : Decorated with ferns, this black and white model recalls the lush vegetation of New Zealand, in particular the city of Queenstown, popular for its natural environment.

ΣPICUR: combination of comfort and style

For grannies who are passionate about decoration , ΣPICUR is the perfect accessory. This large headrest cushion combines comfort and aesthetics in a single product.

Each name of the selected patterns is inspired by mythological figures associated with nature:

  • Diane : Its plant motif evokes the Roman goddess of nature and the wild world.
  • Persephone : Its soft colors and lush vegetation print recall the Greek goddess of spring.
  • Demeter : Its graphic pattern evokes the abundance of nature, in homage to the Greek goddess of agriculture.

ELLIPSE: the practical travel companion

For adventurous grannies, ELLIPSE is a must have. This ergonomic travel cushion is specially designed to ensure optimal rest when traveling .

Each name of the selected patterns is inspired by iconic destinations:

  • Giverny : Inspired by Monet's gardens, this model transports you to the heart of nature and impressionist colors.
  • Narita : With its cherry blossom pattern, this model recalls the beauty of Japan and its Tokyo international airport.
  • Tahiti : This plain model evokes the heavenly landscapes of the island of Tahiti, for trips dedicated to relaxation and well-being.
Give your grandma the perfect gift for Grandmother's Day: because she deserves the best in comfort , give her a gift that will please her and remind her how special she is to you.