What if we lay down to talk?

Following your feedback, we will explain everything from a psychological point of view about the tandem cushion - BINOM from Petits Cadors!

😌 Beyond being pleasantly installed in the company of your partner, friend, child, your exchanges will be different and communication made easier .

The benefits of dialogue while lying down are numerous and are similar to the couch device set up by the psychoanalyst Freud in order to allow speech to unfold differently by moving away from the gaze .

Tandem cushion - BINOM

🧘‍♂️ Initially the lying position allows release and relaxation which will allow bodily tensions to ease , thus freeing speech . At the beginning we talk to the other then very quickly we talk to ourselves. By reconnecting with ourselves we allow others to reach us more easily. The position offered by this cushion also allows you to hear yourself better and makes it easier to listen to others.

Furthermore, in situations where tensions can emerge, we remove all possibilities of dominated/dominant postures in this lying position, where the bodies are horizontal.

😊 On the other hand , no more awkward moments of blankness or hesitation when face to face , thanks to the tandem cushion you will transform these moments into real moments of reflection and relationship.


Beyond the psychoanalytic current which strongly recommends this position to facilitate dialogue, neuroscience also reinforces the idea that this position encourages free associations : speaking of all thoughts spontaneously without any discrimination.

🔓 The BINOM cushion therefore facilitates access to regression and carefully buried memories. It allows you to free your speech , to access another dimension of yourself and to evoke everything that can be shameful, such as feelings, emotions and sexuality.

Author: Capucine Kerhardy - School of practicing psychologists in Paris.