In 2020, what is the challenge for a brand?

Today June 5 🌎 World Environment Day

This day is here to remind us that we must behave responsibly for our environment.

The project we have with this company Petits Cadors is a challenge for us and when we started we didn't know if we were going to be able to do things responsibly, in an eco-responsible way, respectful in our manufacturing, measured , or if it was going to be as hard as we were told.

This day comes as a review after the months we have just gone through, and we know that it has had an impact on collective awareness. We ourselves have re-energized ourselves to be more and more sophisticated in our selections of raw materials, suppliers, and in our way of working. And we see that you too, through the questions you ask us, want to better control your consumption and its impact! ❤️

“Where do your fabrics come from?” “ Where are your cushions made?” “What is the composition?”

Our daily challenge as a brand: an eco-responsible approach!

These last few months have been for us a period of stabilization in our manufacturing and quality processes, an initial sorting of the materials used, great finds of raw materials made in France.

We first discovered the jacquard fabrics that we use for Téodor, woven in France , and I admit that this motivated us to find even more French manufacturers, because we thought that in France only the manufacturing of some linen fabrics. Error !
We also found tricolor cord made in France, Gots and Oeko-tex certified, it serves as a link for the labels of our nap and lounging pillows.
We finally found a clothing workshop near Pau with whom a real, trusting collaboration was established.
Finally, we repatriated the last stage of filling and closing the cushions a few streets from our home, and everyone can come to work on foot while ensuring maximum quality to the products that leave our workshop to arrive at your home. One person fills your pillows, another sews them, another gives them a pretty shape and dresses them with their cover and packaging, finally they are put in your packages with love before arriving at your home!

Continue our efforts and redouble our creativity!

The coming year will be one of even greater control of our materials, of their origin, we are still looking for the best solutions, that is to say those which correspond to our needs, and those which are best for the environment. And this sometimes requires us to work differently, to look at things differently.
For example, we still package our products in plastic bags that we seal before storing them and then putting them in your boxes. We have not yet found a different solution that offers this quality of protection, as your packages sometimes arrive after being mishandled. It is also difficult for us to store products in paper bags which prevent us from seeing what cushion is hidden inside. But all this requires you to be inventive and we hope that soon you will receive your little pillows wrapped in something more ecological.

And above all, all this is done little by little, and each small step forward is a big step on the scale of our planet! I tell you, it's not always easy, but everyone can work on it at their own level!