Holidays: choose the right travel cushion 🚗💤

Are you going to the snow during the February holidays or are you taking your children to grandma and grandpa's house during the holidays?

We offer you the ultimate solution for a successful trip to the holidays 😴!! Thanks to its ergonomic design , no more slipping cushion (and head!) since it attaches to the headrest with a carabiner !

You can take it anywhere and it will quickly become your ideal companion in the car. Winner of the show “My invention is worth Gold” on M6 and gold medal in the Lépine competition in the transport category, have you guessed who we are talking about? From our cushion for sleeping in the car: ISIDOR , very soft and fluffy! It is made from A to Z in Haute-Garonne, in our own workshop.

The ISIDOR car cushion, who is it for?

For children over 8 years old who no longer have the car seat back. He allows them to rest or sleep by leaning against him. Its berlingot shape supports the head and prevents your children from ending up in improbable positions worthy of the best contortionists 😆 Little extra: our range includes many models in organic and French fabric and all our cushions can be machine washed at 30° without losing their splendor!

To adult passengers, in the front or rear of the vehicle . No more balled up sweaters or big pillows that take up all the space in the car. ISIDOR allows you to maintain a good sitting position, without twisting your neck, because we all know the pain when we wake up when we have adopted a bad position during the journey! If you would like to know more about the importance of good posture and better understand why we sometimes have such painful necks when we wake up, you can read this interview with Madeline Bruyere, a health professional

ISIDOR: An incomparable softness!

It is filled with a fiber used by bedding professionals, eco-labeled and made from plastic collected in rivers with the aim of protecting our oceans! Nothing to do with the polystyrene balls that fill classic neck cushions. With ISIDOR you will be snuggled up and comforted like in your own bed 😊

For children or older children, great comfort is yours for the holidays! Don’t fight… 🚗💤