Best gift idea for Grandfathers Day 🤗

Next October 1st will be the special day dedicated to our precious grandfathers, a perfect opportunity to offer them moments of comfort.

Rather than choosing the traditional garnished basket this year, why not opt ​​for a gift that is as comfortable as it is unique? Made in France, these cushions are designed to allow our grandfathers to fully enjoy their moments of relaxation, whether taking a nap under the fig tree, reading the newspaper or watching television.

Authentic French craftsmanship

Petits Cadors cushions are much more than a classic cushion. They are the result of true French craftsmanship, made in our workshop located in Nailloux, near Toulouse. Our team, made up of eight people, puts all its know-how and passion into creating these unique cushions .

Each cushion is designed with careful attention to detail, ensuring exceptional quality. The design of these cushions is truly unique, making them an aesthetic as well as functional gift for our grandfathers.

Eco-responsibility at the heart of the brand

Petits Cadors, in addition to promoting French craftsmanship, is also a brand committed to preserving our environment. The cushions are filled with recycled plastic fibers, helping to reduce the amount of plastic waste in our oceans. Offering a “Petits Cadors” cushion is therefore an eco-responsible gesture that shows your commitment to a more sustainable future.

Four models of cushions to please him for sure

reading and nap cushion

These two large-scale models are designed to be elegant decorative elements in addition to their well-being function. The EPICUR cushion model will allow him to curl up on the sofa in front of a film or with a book while keeping his neck soft.

For nomadic grandpas, the SALVADOR model, more compact, will be the ideal accessory for indoors and outdoors. It also provides flexible head support for reading or napping. Grandpa is a big guy 😄? We advise you to choose EPICUR which is larger and will better support your neck.

small cadors extra cushion little cadors extra pillow

Whether your grandfather is a fan of sophisticated cushion designs or a fan of outdoor naps, you will certainly find the ideal model among these.

A Memorable Gift for Your Grandfathers

This year, give your grandfathers a gift that will allow them to relax and fully enjoy their free time . Our brand is a symbol of comfort, quality and French tailoring, perfectly suited to the occasion of Grandfathers' Day.

Show them how much they mean to you by offering them French comfort!