Some simple ideas for a more responsible Christmas

Make zero waste gift wrapping? Fastoche!

Old sheets, pillowcases, clothes, tablecloths, napkins, etc. We dig through your cupboards and give them new life using the furoshiki method ! This method is a traditional Japanese technique of folding and tying fabric to wrap whatever you want ! Newsprint or magazines will also do the job. By using what is around you, you will magically obtain unique and responsible packaging . Consider adding an element of nature, a beautiful colorful leaf, a branch of herbs, a flower or twigs collected to personalize your packaging.
Holidays and birthdays, every occasion to give a gift can lend itself to this reusable packaging. This will certainly have a ripple effect: there is a good chance that the person who opened their gift will in turn use its pretty packaging.

In video, tutorial of the furoshiki technique or even on this video with Japanese fabrics to inspire you

Economical and accessible decorations for the holidays

Onward to Noeeeel’s DIYs!!!

We offer you ideas to occupy your December evenings. This is a good idea! To do as a family accompanied by your little ones to wait before Santa comes, or on the contrary, alone to disconnect...
Put on your shoes and go explore your surrounding gardens or parks, looking for pine cones, twigs, moss, holly , etc. To decorate your gift wrapping, make a tree or to make a wreath for example ! A fresh and natural decoration!
Recovery mode activated: old jars, toilet paper rolls, glass yogurt pot, etc. To make advent calendars, candle holders or even snowballs. It is possible to do so many beautiful things with recovery!

You will delight the irises of your loved ones. Onward to the praise!
You will keep the hands of your smart little ones busy. Don’t thank us 😉
And you will do good for your wallet as well as the planet!

No need to think anymore, go for it!

To finish we show you one of our favorite advent calendars made from cardboard: See you on the instagram of Jésus Sauvage