What original Christmas gift to give to grandpa and grandma?

Looking for gift inspiration for grandpa and grandma?

Because the question arises every year, and when you look for a little help by asking them what they want, they always answer: “I don't need anything” . Do you know that?

So of course, this is a great opportunity to offer them good times throughout the year shared with family or a one-on-one stroll to talk about the latest news. But if you want to slip something under their tree , to offer them well-being and comfort (because no one can ever have enough of this!) here is our selection that they will definitely like.

SALVADOR, for everyday cocooning moments

After a good meal, grandpa always has the gift of taking a little nap! What's better than a cushion to cuddle your neck? Bingo!
At Petits Cadors, we offer you everyday cushions offering comfort and softness thanks to its light and plump fiber. A sweet companion for relaxing, SALVADOR Bergen will accompany grandpa in his daily reading of the newspaper, comfortably seated in his favorite armchair. SALVADOR Nara , in a khaki green inspired by wooded nature and a pretty traditional Japanese pattern, elegance will be there for watching TV or taking out family photos on Sunday. And this time, on the sofa!
For grandma, you could give her a floral pattern! Oriental poppy flowers with SALVADOR Ankara or passionflower with Rio ! In summer, outside, on a deck chair, to leaf through your favorite magazine. And when the weather cools down, in the winter garden with her friends, a tea, a Chelsea , and there you have a delighted grandma!

interior cushion gift idea

With this cushion model, it's easy to offer a duo of matching colors to use on their sofa all year round. Why not :
Charleville + Brocéliande
Oslo + Bergen
Berlin + Verona

ISIDOR, to cross France by car, with insurance!

Let's think of the grandparents who cross France to come and look after their grandchildren during the holidays, or for a weekend. The soft fiber of these small cushions is used by bedding professionals, which guarantees absolute comfort! They will arrive rested (they will have to) and without stiff necks!

Choose a botanical ambiance:
For the ideal gift for grandma, we recommend our new ORGANIC fabrics : I SIDOR Surrey, with a plant or Woodstock pattern . Flowery and colorful, she will enjoy traveling in his company.
For gentleman, ISIDOR Anduze and its bamboos, or discreet Feldberg made in a high quality jacquard fabric woven in France. These 2 mixed patterns are safe values ​​if they take turns and share ISIDOR.

Are you still hesitant? Just choose with their personality in mind! We advise you to take a look at all the colors of car cushions 😉 And if you want advice, send us a message we will be happy to guide you.