Peanut Pirouette X Petits Cadors

A 100% made in France prize put into play on Instagram!

While waiting for spring to slowly set in, with Pirouette Cacahouète - nature and creative games, we have decided to please your children by winning you a little vacationer's kit: a Petits Cadors car cushion , an innovative puzzle and a 3D terrestrial globe made from recycled paper to assemble, perfect for having fun while learning!!

Peanut Pirouette : an adventure since 2010

Creators of fun and creative games and toys, but also a company that tries to take care of our planet by maximizing local manufacturing in order to reduce the carbon footprint, and also by trying to make them using recyclable or recycled materials . At the same time, this relocation helps promote the local economy!

Renowned for their time-traveling puzzles 🧩

The principle of these puzzles is to start from a poster illustrating a contemporary scene in Egypt (for example) where we superimpose the pieces of the puzzle which reveal the same scene, but this time in the time of ancient Egypt . Its unique concept allows for a journey through time that teaches young and old alike about the evolution of the world. We tried it at home, we validated 😉!

Since last January, three puzzles from the “Go back in time” collection ( Jurassic - dinosaurs, Prehistory and Ancient Egypt ) have now been made in France. To go further, these 3 puzzles no longer include plastic film (around the boxes as well as the packaging which contained the pieces). This is replaced by a kraft paper pouch. One of their many values ​​is to limit their use of plastic as much as possible, this is a development that makes a difference!

Keeping busy during March showers

While waiting for the sunny days to arrive, you still need to find indoor activities... With Easter approaching, don't hesitate to take a look in their “ DIY ” section where instructions are provided so that you can make little paper eggs or a garland of cute bunnies ! Or little fish for April 1st… 😆 Simple moments of sharing…

To try your luck, head over to our Instagram page ,
end of the competition on the evening of March 27, 2023.
Competition open only to mainland France.
Good luck to all participants ✨