French Origin Guaranteed: obtaining this label certifies that we manufacture everything in France

That's it, Petits Cadors' nomadic cushions and accessories are officially certified Origine France Garantie! A label which rewards an economically delicate choice but which has always been for us a choice of reason. This is the opportunity to explain to you why we requested this certification and its link with our values.

The origins of nomadic comfort

From the start, the choice of made in France and eco-responsibility was obvious.

Four years ago, Muriel and I officially embarked on the adventure of Petits Cadors, a bit by chance, upon returning from a trip to Brittany. Previously, we had been employees in a communications agency then artistic director and freelance project manager. Our field was images, design, the web.

So, when it came to creating a company that manufactures real objects, we immediately faced the essential question of method and location of production. Aware of the ecological and social issues, our instinct immediately directed us towards made in France. But as we did not come from the trade, we still wanted to check our intuition by questioning acquaintances who already had a foot in the trade.

China, like antibiotics… it’s not automatic!

Our astonishment was considerable: the vast majority of people from whom we asked for advice immediately spoke to us about China. It was almost reflexive, obvious. For some, it was even the only possibility for the activity to be viable.

Fortunately, our curiosity had already led us to take an interest in brands like French briefs or 1083 which seemed to be efficient while manufacturing in France. So, we held on and decided that our cushions would also be made in France. To reduce their carbon footprint as much as possible, to seize the opportunity to create jobs and quite simply participate in the economic life of our country (a Chinese company contributes nothing to the French economy since it does not pay taxes ).

The creation of our own tailoring workshop

With this decision in mind, we worked for the first two years with subcontractors in France: a pillow manufacturer in Charleville Mézière and a tailoring workshop in Pau. Then in January 2021, when we had already internalized the filling stage, we had the opportunity to move into a larger (and eco-designed) building which allows us to internalize the entire manufacturing chain!

We are buying sewing machines, we are recruiting a workshop coordinator and additional seamstresses. From one day to the next, the making of our cushions is done entirely within our walls. From a roll of fabric to a packaged product ready to ship.
The bet we made paid off!

Obtaining the Origine France Garantie label

Proud to have held on, but aware that Greenwashing is going strong due to opportunistic companies riding the wave of made in France, we decided a few months ago to embark on the Origine France label certification process. Guaranteed so that there is no ambiguity for our customers. Because we are well aware that saying things is not enough and that it is necessary to demonstrate them!

Obtaining the label, provided by an independent organization (for us Afnor) is a precise and demanding job for which it is required to provide indicators concerning the French share of the products (raw materials and/or labor) and clearly explain the calculation methods. It is also requested to provide all certificates from suppliers with whom we work. This data must be provided for each product, because this label is not given to a company but to each of the products it manufactures!

A responsible purchase

We are very pleased that this label is affixed to all our products as a guarantee of eco-responsibility and that it allows all our customers to be able to make an unambiguous responsible purchase. For us, it is also a logo that allows us to reaffirm our desire to create jobs and participate in the revival of the textile industry in France. Two values ​​that are part of the DNA of Petits Cadors.

Since the start of the Petits Cadors adventure, we have explained to you that we manufacture everything in France. Today, we can assure you.

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